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Bridges Market

Bridge structures can have a design life well in excess of a century and are often placed in exposed and highly corrosive environments. The coating specification is therefore crucial to reduce the initial time to first maintenance and then subsequent maintenance cycles.

Bridges Track Record Brochure

The extensive list of bridge coatings track record provided in this 8 page brochure demonstrates our ability to provide a consistent level of service to projects around the world at both new construction and maintenance.

The brochure includes details of over 100 bridge projects spanning almost 30 years, click here to view.

Sustainable Design

AkzoNobel is continuing to develop and deliver International brand products and accompanying services that ensure you take advantage of sustainable design in your coatings selection.

Interfine polysiloxane systems:

  • Offer significantly reduced VOC emissions compared to polyurethane and fluoropolymer systems
  • Eliminate the use of hazardous isocyanates

Project Portfolio

See a list of our most successful track records within the bridges market.

Long Lasting Aesthetics

At AkzoNobel, we understand that there’s more to coating a structure than just protecting it from corrosion. The retention of high impact aesthetics is becoming ever more important within bridge construction.

To meet this evolving demand, the Interfine range of polysiloxane finish coatings provides exceptional color and gloss retention, outperforming traditional polyurethane topcoats to maintain eye catching aesthetics long into a bridge’s service life.

Key Products

View all focus products for the bridge market including datasheets, brochures and track records.

ISO 12944

Review our ISO 12944 compliant systems guide


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