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Tall Buildings Market

With space at a premium in growing cities, the construction of tall buildings is growing rapidly. This presents unique challenges for the coatings specification as architects push the boundaries of design and engineering to build bigger and taller structures. AkzoNobel's International protective coatings are constantly innovating to provide solutions to even the most challenging projects.

Passive Fire Protection

Interchar is a lightweight, compact but durable intumescent fire protection coating range from International Protective Coatings.

It is ideal for use in tall buildings where weight and space are both an important consideration and fire protection performance is critical to allow evacuation from all floors of the building without the use of elevators.

Project Portfolio

See a list of our most successful track records within this market such as the Emirates Tower.

Sustainable Corrosion Protection

AkzoNobel's International protection coatings brand is committed to providing our customers with a sustainable solution to their coating needs without compromising on the performance of the coating, especially when it comes to corrosion protection.

It is our responsibility to work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the coating process are consistent with the sustainable design credentials of the project.

Key Products

View key products for the tall buildings market including datasheets, brochures and track records.

ISO 12944

Review our ISO 12944 compliant systems guide

Architectural Portfolio

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