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Mining and Minerals Key Products

All products essential for the Mining and Minerals Market AkzoNobel's International protective coatings proudly has to offer including links to product specifications, the latest track records and Interplan.

Interzone 954

A two component, low VOC, high solids, modified epoxy barrier coat designed to give long term protection in a single coat application. Will continue to cure when immersed in water and has excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.

Interzone 485

An ultra high build, high volume solids, two component catalysed epoxy, capable of being applied up to 3000 microns (120 mils) dry film thickness, and providing excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and adhesion properties.Suitable for Application using standard airless spray equipment, economical to apply.Excellent resistance to alkalis, chemicals and petroleum products.

Interseal 670HS

A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating.Available in an aluminium pigmented version to provide additional anti-corrosive barrier protection.

Enviroline 290

A solvent free, two component epoxy phenolic lining system with links to track records, material safety and product datasheets.

Enviroline 376F0-30

A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cured lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology with links to track records, material saftey and product datasheets.

Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline

Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline is a high performance, flake filled epoxy novolac coating that is designed to provide maximum resistance to 98% sulphuric acid.

Interzinc 52

A two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer which complies with the composition and performance requirements of SSPC Paint 20.

Interfine 878

A high performance, two component, high solids finish which contains no free isocyanates, offers compliance to current VOC legislation, and affords extended lifetime to first maintenance when utilised as part of a high performance anticorrosive system.Interfine 878 offers superior gloss and colour retention and provides significantly improved resistance to yellowing & chalking when compared to typical conventional topcoats including catalysed acrylic, and polyurethane finishes.

Intercure 99

Intercure 99 is a low VOC, high solids, rapid cure primer/finish, offering excellent anticorrosive protection and long term colour and gloss durability – a combination that cannot be achieved with alternative fast cure, single coat primer finishes.Intercure 99 may also be specified as a high build, durable intermediate/finish over approved anti-corrosive primers for more aggressive environments.

Intergard 345

A two component, low VOC, high solids, fast curing epoxy primer/finish containing zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation.

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