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General Industry Components

Our coatings assist in the delivery of efficient production and aid in keeping your equipment in service for longer, helping you to meet the demands of your biggest customers by preventing breaks in production or service caused by coating failures.

In addition to our global track record, our extensive product range ensures that you can have confidence in receiving consistent, high quality products and services, whatever your location.

Motors, pumps, gear boxes and robotic arms

When time is of the utmost importance; our single coat zinc phosphate, epoxy primer/finish, Intergard® 345, is proven to help reduce process time and costs by allowing spray application up to 150µ (5.90mils) in a single layer. Or, for ultra-corrosion protection, we offer two coat systems primed with Intergard® 3210, a fast-dry zinc phosphate epoxy primer, or Interzinc® 52, a zinc-rich organic epoxy.

These primers can be top coated with your choice of our acrylic polyurethane, Interthane® 3230, or our innovative polyaspartic, Intercure® 3240, depending on your process needs. For areas where blasting is simply not possible, Intergard® 269 or Intergard® 3210 will provide an effective primer solution when used as part of a two coat system with the same topcoats.

Key Products

Die casting for automotive manufacturing plants

The experience we've gathered over the last 100 years in coating systems, has enabled us to work with major car manufacturers in providing solutions for specific areas of production processes.

Our key products in this area, which have been tested and approved globally by a major car manufacturer, include Interprime® 198, a single component fast-dry alkyd, Intercryl® 525, a single component acrylic coating and Interfine® 1080 which is a highly innovative, single component polysiloxane finish coating.

Our products are qualified to withstand the harsh processing conditions of automotive part manufacturing.

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