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Material Handling and Processing

By offering single coat direct-to-metal or two coat packages, we have been thinking differently about your productivity requirements. Offering low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, reduced application costs, reduced energy costs, a reduction in the volume of coating required and increased throughput.

Telescopic handlers, aerial work platforms and utilities platforms

Our unique, single coat, direct-to-metal, polyaspartic, Intercure® 3240 delivers energy and application cost savings, whilst also providing the right level of cosmetic appearance at low dry film thickness. If you are unable to accommodate this technology, Intergard® 3210 over-coated with Interthane® 3230, both from our new 3200 Series, is a suitable alternative system.

Forklift trucks, reach stackers and container handlers

Depending on your process needs, we offer the option of choosing Interthane® 3230, which can be force cured up to 80°C (176°F), or our Intercure® 3240 polyaspartic, which can be cured at room temperature; after all, why spend money on unnecessary heating costs? There is a further option of the versatile Intergard® 3210 for use as a sand-able primer, which would not only fill cast iron or steel imperfections, but also provide high-film build in a single coat, saving you process costs and time.

Overhead mobile construction and outdoor tower cranes

Interthane® 3230, our low VOC, high volume solids acrylic polyurethane and the polyaspartic Intercure® 3240 could contribute to your operational efficiency in an environmentally friendly manner. For extended anticorrosive protection, explore our fast-dry zinc phosphate epoxy primer, Intergard® 3210, or zinc-rich organic epoxy primer, Interzinc® 52.

Crushers, screens, conveyors and concrete handling

Painting large, different sized steel pieces usually requires multiple assembly stages. Depending on production floor space, this may significantly reduce production capacity when coating different components at the end of each assembly stage. AkzoNobel’s International® single coat Intercure® 3240, or two coat systems, primed with Intergard® 3210, offer you flexibility to choose the option which best fits your operational needs.

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