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Our OEM coatings solutions are designed to offer enhanced anticorrosive protection, aesthetic durability and abrasion resistance, alongside practical application. We understand the extreme conditions our coatings are expected to withstand and so have developed an industry leading range to meet these requirements.

Cargo On The Move

Cargo holds, as well as being revenue earning spaces, are also the areas subject to the harshest of operating environments. Various forms of impact, abrasion and mechanical damage occur from the loading and carriage of dry cargoes. Without excellent coating protection, the structural integrity of cargo holds can be compromised, jeopardizing continuing cargo transport, profitability and safe operation.

Chassis, axles, undercarriages and rail car exteriors

Having to operate and service in diverse climatic conditions across the world makes asset protection, aesthetic consistency and durability critical issues in the transport industry. Ensuring you make the right coating choices can often impact long term returns as well as in-service performance – issues close to the heart of any organization.

To this end, we offer key solvent and water based products by striking a balance to deliver proven performance, value for money and environmentally responsible solutions. When high performance and corrosion resistance are required, Interzinc® 52 is available to give maximum protection as part of any anticorrosive coating system.

Key modes of damage are impact and gouging. Impact damage can occur when cargoes are loaded into holds. High speed belt conveyors can also rapidly break down coatings, a phenomenon known as ‘shooting’ damage.

With a proven track record, our high performance cargo hold coating, Intershield® 803 Plus, has been specifically designed to withstand the impact of modern high speed belt conveyors, frequently used in loading.

Interline® 994 has excellent chemical resistance and high temperature immersion resistance. It is an easy-to-use, three coat thin-film system which can be applied with normal airless spray equipment.

For long term anticorrosive protection and good abrasion resistance, Intergard® 7020 is an aluminum, two component epoxy coating, suitable for use in all climatic conditions with ‘Carriage of Grain’ certification.

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