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Dependable Cryogenic Spill Protection for LNG Facilities

With the trade in natural gas becoming increasingly important to satisfy world energy demands, so too is the requirement for LNG production and regasification facilities to provide a safe and efficient means of distribution. The hazardous nature of LNG increases the importance of correct coating specification to protect against the consequences of accidental release.

Cryogenic Spill Protection

Exposure to cryogenic liquids, sprays and gases can cause sudden cool down of affected carbon steel structures, with the potential for cracking, as a result of embrittlement.

Furthermore, LNG vapour emissions can ignite, causing explosions and hydrocarbon fires, which may then lead to further escalation of the incident.

Intertherm® 7050, when used in conjunction with Chartek® fire protection, can provide up to 60 minutes protection against various types of cryogenic liquid release.

Chartek’s robust epoxy technology is impervious to water ingress, is damage resistant and is virtually maintenance free, providing long term corrosion protection.

Modular Construction

Modular construction techniques are often used in the construction of LNG facilities to provide time and cost savings over traditional onsite construction methods.

The following properties of Chartek intumescent fire protection make it ideal for offsite and modular construction projects:

Temperature Resistant Coatings

Temperatures on an LNG asset can range from extreme cold to extreme heat providing a challenge for those responsible for the specification of protective coatings.

Interbond 1202UPC delivers elevated temperature and corrosion protection from -196°C (-321°F) to 650°C (1202°F) for un-insulated and insulated substrates. Interbond 1202UPC can therefore reduce specification complexity when used in appropriate coating schemes.

LNG Vessel Coatings

Edges in water ballast tanks are generally the first areas to experience coating breakdown. Intershield® 300 delivers 100% edge retention, ensuring the protection level is not compromised.

Intershield 300 provides a unique balance of abrasion and corrosion resistance with optimum levels of hardness and flexibility for long term proven performance (>15 years). It also demonstrates excellent compatibility with Chartek, making it an ideal universal primer.

Heavy Duty Jetty Protection

Interzone® 954, with close to 30 years track record in offshore environments, provides dependable abrasion resistance for jetties in the LNG industry.

Interzone 954 is an easy to apply epoxy coating capable of being built to a high film thickness in a single coat. Interzone 954 is also extremely surface tolerant, even to damp surfaces and can be exposed to tidal sea water after just 15 minutes at 20°C (68°F).

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