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Oil and Gas Upstream

Oil and Gas Upstream Key Products

Intershield 300

Universal pure epoxy primer for water ballast tanks, crude oil tanks, decks and external offshore areas

An excellent abrasion resistant, minimum 9% aluminium content, pure epoxy anti-corrosive coating with a proven 15 year track record in extremely corrosive marine environments. Intershield 300 is a winter workable, universal epoxy coating and has been used extensively in water ballast tanks, crude oil tanks, on hull externals, general structural steel and decks for offshore assets such as FPSOs. Intershield 300 has, for example, Norsok M501, ISO 20340 and Shell DEP approvals.

Chartek 7

A highly durable hydrocarbon pool and jet fire approved epoxy intumescent coating

The market leading epoxy passive fire protection product for the offshore market. Combining long term fire protection and corrosion performance, Chartek 7 is an extremely efficient intumescent coating certified by Class Societies for use in hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios. Chartek 7’s long term corrosion performance is not reliant on top coat maintenance and fully meets ISO 20340 anti-corrosive requirements. Chartek 7 is also certified to the new internationally recognised ISO 22899 jet fire standard.

Interzone 954

A high build surface tolerant epoxy for maintenance and new construction

The No. 1 all round high build epoxy coating for use in the offshore market. Interzone 954 is ideal for use on damp hydroblasted surfaces and is perfect for application to jacket legs where early water resistance is required. Interzone 954 can be used as a deck coating and also comes in a brushing grade version that can be used on power and hand tool prepared surfaces when blasting and spray application is not possible. Interzone 954 has Norsok M-501 and Shell DEP approvals.

Interzone 485

An ultra high build (single coat) abrasion resistant epoxy for severe environments

Used for high abrasion and corrosion resistance on offshore facilities, wharf piles and jetties. The product is very well suited for use on helidecks and heavy duty walkways. Interzone 485 can be applied at up to 3000 microns (120 mils) in a single coat.

Intertherm 7050

An epoxy thermal insulation coating for atmospheric zones

A unique weather resistant epoxy thermal insulation coating, Intertherm 7050 is used for either heat conservation or for personnel protection on areas operating in the temperature range from -40°C (-40°F) to 120°C (248°F). Intertherm 7050 can be used as an underlay for Chartek and is also used to protect steel against the effects of cryogenic spills.

Intertherm 751CSA

A CUI resistant titanium modified inorganic copolymer temperature resistant coating

A two component, high build, high temperature resistant 'cold spray' applied coating, based on titanium modified inorganic copolymer technology and pigmented with metallic aluminium flake. Intertherm 751CSA is a novel high performance coating that is applied using standard application equipment and cures effectively at ambient temperatures. Intertherm 751CSA provides excellent resistance to corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Intersleek 970

A fluoropolymer foul release coating for offshore assets

Intersleek 970’s patented technology offers a low friction smooth surface which reduces drag and is easy to clean. These properties greatly reduce the time (and costs) needed to carry out underwater inspections of FPSO hulls as required by Class Societies. Intersleek is also commonly applied to offshore jackets and risers to reduce the stresses caused by fouling build up.


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