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Wind Power Market

Our coatings protect one in every four turbines installed worldwide. That’s because we've been working with the industry’s leading manufacturers and fabricators to establish best practice and drive technical standards globally for over 15 years.


Our blade coating system combines fast curing fillers, primers and finish, tested in house by some of the leading blade manufacturers worldwide. Coming soon – Tested by leading blade manufacturers, our blade coatings deliver fast curing system and excellent erosion performance.

Turbines and Towers

From nacelles and components to towers and hubs, we have the know how and product range to deliver globally consistent products in the shop, that work time and time again in the field. Improve your productivity and process with our innovative range of Intergard and Interzone.

Foundations and High Voltage AC Platforms

Over 35 years of protecting oil and gas installations makes our offshore coating and fire protection specifications the ones to trust. Whilst others rely on limited offshore experience and caution, our specifications are sharpened through real life experience, continuous testing and innovation to deliver you long lasting results.

Wind Power Brochure

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Interzone 954

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