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Cellulosic Fire Protection Coatings

AkzoNobel's Interchar coatings product range has been specifically formulated to protect elements of structure from a cellulosic fire exposure.

Cellulosic Fire Protection Video

Find out how our Interchar range of intumescent coatings is designed to provide safety for lives, by protecting structural steelwork from a cellulosic or "standard" fire for periods of up to three hours. Featuring interviews with John Dunk, Jack Dang (Deputy General Architect & Project Director , ECADI), Srijith Nair and Chris Coulson (Production Director SCWS Ltd).

The Interchar Range

Aesthetically pleasing, Interchar offers fire protection coatings with a smooth and attractive finish that does not compromise intricate designs and shapes made with structural steelwork.


The following table shows our range of Interchar coatings products, together with a brief description and the standard to which they have been tested. Click on a product name for more information, including product brochures, material datasheets and track records.

Product Name Description Standard Approvals
Interchar 1120 Water borne, single pack, thin film intumescent coating optimised for 120 minute fire resistance periods BS 476 Parts 20-21, UL 263, AS 1530.4, AS 4100, GB 14907 and EN 13381-8
Interchar 212 Epoxy, Up to 180 minutes fire resistance, Highly durable, Excellent anti-corrosion properties

BS 476 Parts 20-21, EN 13381-8, UL 263 and AS 1530.4

  • Up to 180 minutes fire protection
  • Competitive dry film thicknesses
  • Solvent-borne and water-borne options
  • Off-site and on-site application
  • Convenient application
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) content
  • Approvals against a wide range of fire test standards

Structural Steel

Our Interchar product range has been specifically formulated to protect structural steel sections such as standard beams and columns, hollow sections, beams with web openings and concrete filled steel tubes

To discuss your specific structural requirements, please submit your inquiry here.

  • Third party certification of all products
  • Assessments for reaction to fire (RtF)
  • Anti-corrosion benefits
  • Compatible with a wide range of primers
  • Topcoat colour ranges
  • Single pack acrylic products
  • Single leg airless spray application for acrylics

Technical Information

For more cellulosic technical information click here