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The harmonious fusion of science and art to create customized fire protection. Introducing clear and distinctive solutions for protecting exposed structures without diminishing architectural integrity and vision.

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Architectural Fire Protection

Our factory manufactured architectural fire protection delivers sharp, dramatic and bold finishes that will enhance the fire safety, style and aesthetics of your interior and exterior space. Read more by clicking here.

Thin Film Intumescent

Interchar® 1120 is a thin film water borne intumescent coating. Combine with our water based primers and topcoats and we can provide a complete LEED compliant.

Bolt Caps

Self extinguishing Interchar® bolt caps is our the latest innovation in aesthetic fire protection. Protect your bolted connections with aesthetically pleasing features into the exposed steel.

Epoxy Intumescent

Offsite application of tough Interchar® 212 means your steel can be transported to site and erected while being fully fire protected. Read more about this exciting product.