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International Protective Coatings is proud to introduce a new partnership with Polibrid Coatings

Polibrid 705 is more than just a protective coating it is an engineering solution with the ability to solve problems in wide range of environments. Fast setting properties ensure rapid return to service improving productivity and reducing costs.

Why Choose Polibrid 705?

  • Solventless Product
  • 100% solids, solventless, odorless, and meets all VOC regulations for your project

  • Superior Corrosion and Chemical Protection
  • Polibrid 705 can be applied directly to steel and concrete substrates. It is suitable for numerous immersion, chemical, abrasion, and impact resistant applications in the water, waste water, and mining Industries.

  • A Fast and Proven Choice for Water and Wastewater Applications
  • With case histories spanning 25 years, satisfied customers can speak to Polibrid 705 performance. Polibrid 705’s ability to cure fast and return storage tanks to service quickly will allow you to complete your projects faster.

    Eliminate the stress and inconvenience of using unproven products. Choose Polibrid 705 , “A True Original”, for your next project. Our Technical and Customer Representatives are here to help you and can answer all your questions. See our contact information below.

Product Data Sheet

Review the specifics on Polibrid 705

Spray System Requirements

Spray system equipment set-up

Polibrid Video

View our video announcing the release of Polibrid 705 which includes an insight into the product and focus markets.

Take a look at the brochure

Click here to view the full Polibrid 705 brochure in PDF format

Applicator FAQ’s

View Polibrid 705 Applicator Frequently Asked Questions


Review history behind International and Polibrid Coatings

Repair Kit

Review technical data & application instructions

Technical Questions?

Email or Call Darryl Corbin (440) 234-2900 EXT 127

Case History Report

View our Polibrid case history report

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