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Interactive Coatings Specification Guides

Our detailed interactive coatings specification guides are now all housed in one location. Each demonstrating our deep understanding of your asset and its coatings requirements. Most guides cover both new construction and maintenance and are designed to help you understand the best coatings available for specific areas of your asset.

Wind Power Interactive Specification Guide

Through our understanding of your asset and the environment associated with it, our wind power coatings guide can help you understand the coatings that are best suited to your asset. This coatings specification guide offers detailed advice for all elements of a wind turbine including the nacelle, tower and blade, offering coatings for both onshore and offshore.

View the interactive coatings specification guide here

Coal and FGD Interactive Specification Guide

This guide incorporates coatings specifications that are typical in relation to elements of a fossil fueled power plant. Also included in this guide are specifications typically used for Flue-Gas Desulfurisation (FGD) areas of coal power plants.

View the interactive coatings specification guide here


Our FPSO interactive coatings specification guide includes fire protection and coatings specifications that are commonly used on FPSOs all over the world.

Fixed Platform

Our Fixed Platform coatings specification guide provides typical fire protection and coatings specifications designed to protect vital elements of Fixed Platforms from corrosion.


Our Refinery guide includes typical fire protection, high heat, linings and corrosion resistant specifications often used in Refineries.


Our Drillship coatings specification guide incorporates typical coatings specifications often used on Drillships, found all over the world.