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Repair Mortars | Intercrete

Intercrete™ Product Specification Brochures

Intercrete's concrete repair and protection solutions are available for use in the following areas:

Intercrete 4801

High build repair mortar

  • Applied up to 80mm (3¼") in a single layer, both vertical and overhead
  • Typically no primer required
  • Good working life at high temperatures

Intercrete 4802

Rapid setting repair mortar

  • Rapid setting in just 15 minutes
  • Application range from 5mm (¼") to 300m on deck applications
  • Typically no primer required

Intercrete 4820

Engineering grade waterproof screed or porefiller

  • Applied 0-6mm (¼") in a single layer
  • Typically no primer required
  • 3mm (⅛") resists +/- water pressure to 10 bars
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