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Ceilcote Linings

For extreme duty chemical resistance, CeilcoteĀ® will perform where others won't. Find out how International Protective Coatings can help protect steel and concrete structures with Ceilcote linings.

Wet FGD Interactive Specification Guide

The Ceilcote product line has been optimised to deal with all the scenarios encountered within a FGD system, and has demonstrated real world performance within FGDs over the last 30 years.

View the interactive specification guide here

Ceilcote Linings Range

View all Ceilcote products International Protective Coatings has to offer.

Ceilcote in Action

Find all the latest Ceilcote track records International Protective Coatings have been involved in.

Product Datasheets

To view Installation Procedures and Product Profiles for all Ceilcote products, click on this link.

Technical Information

Find all our technical bulletins and further technical information here.

VOC Calculator

Use our VOC calculator to determine Volitile Organic Content levels on a particular system.

MSDS Search

Find a Material Safety Data Sheet for your Ceilcote product by clicking here.


Find out about International's approach to sustainable design

History of Ceilcote

Since 1926, Ceilcote has provided high-performance corrosion control

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