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History of the Enviroline Product Range

Enviroline high performance coatings and linings were first formulated more than 50 years ago by Paul I. Meli Jr. to provide long term durability and protection against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks, pioneering the industry's most innovative products and application techniques.

Enviroline Track Records

For all projects International Protective Coatings have utilised Enviroline high performance coatings, past and present.

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Over 50 Years Experience

Mr. Meli played a prominent role in the development of Federal EPA regulations for upgrading Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) to meet corrosion protection standards. His UST coating formulas, available today as EnvirolineĀ® 125U, have been used to help hundreds of thousands of UST tank owners to meet these EPA regulations in the most cost effective way possible and provide these owners with trouble free service for many years to come.

Enviroline products have since built a proven history of quality applications in a number of industries, including chemical processing, hazardous material storage, oil and gas, food and beverage processing and wastewater treatment. Enviroline coatings and linings are widely recognized as both reliable and cost effective for not only USTs, but also Aboveground Storage Tank owners to meet these EPA regulations in the most cost effective way possible and provide these owners with trouble free service for many years to come.

The EnvirolineĀ® Series of coatings and linings is spray applied in a single coat to a variable thickness ranging from 20 to 150 mils DFT and cures in a matter of hours, not days. Coatings are available for a multitude of chemical immersion requirements, including most acids and solvents, molten sulphur, crude oils and fuels. Single coat, fast cure application provides a less costly, high quality coating with minimal downtime.

In October 2008, International Paint acquired the Enviroline range to both complement and extend its global portfolio of protective coating products. From basic corrosion protection to the most extreme temperature and corrosive environments, owners of tanks, pipelines and cargo vessels now have access from a single supplier to the most comprehensive range of high-performance linings, protective external coatings and fire-protection products available globally.

In today's world of environmental concern, unprotected tanks, pipes and containment areas are simply unacceptable. The risks of leakage and contamination is of paramount concern and the costs of remediation and clean-up are potentially devastating. So trust the specialty coatings leader for your corrosion protection needs. You can count on us and our Enviroline product range for quality and dependability, application after application.


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