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Enviroline Track Records

Enviroline has a proven history of quality applications and has provided solutions for even the most difficult circumstance, often after other systems have failed. Here are just a few examples from International Protective Coatings.

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For all projects International Protective Coatings have utilised Enviroline high performance coatings, past and present.

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Northrop-Grumman Aerospace - St. Augustine, Florida


A 30,000 sq. ft. hanger floor where jet engines are stripped with a 100% methylene chloride solution. Although the floor is designed as a process area with mild chemical exposure, the conditions were similar to continuous immersion. Other systems installed had failed due to the harsh solvent environment. The concrete was badly cracked and degraded and in need of repair.


After repairing the concrete, Enviroline's highly flexible B-Flex 9700 was used to fill the expansion and control joints. The concrete was sealed with Enviroline 54 concrete sealer. The surface was then topcoated with 40 mils of Enviroline 150 solvent resistant lining. The floor has been in trouble free service since its completion in April, 1994.

Callaway Chemical - Columbus, Georgia


A 20 ft high by 12 ft. diameter steel tank holding a proprietary chemical similar to acrylic acid. The steel substrate had many holes that needed to be repaired.


The holes were repaired with a fiberglass backing, followed by the application of Enviroline 124. A single thick-film topcoat of Enviroline 376 was then applied over the entire area. The tank has been in trouble-free service since the completion of this job in January, 1997 and Callaway Chemical has since used Enviroline coatings for other tanks.

Chevron El Segundo Refinery - El Segundo, California


A 140 ft. diameter by 56 ft. tall bulk storage sour water tank. The existing coating failed on the interior surface of the tank, with the exception of the bottom side of the floating roof. In addition, due to the floating roof, there were issues with the need for abrasion resistance on the walls of the tank. Returning the tank back into service quickly was a great concern for the owner because of the high cost associated with a non-operational tank.


The bottom of the floating roof was blasted and lined first. The tank was then blasted and lined with a single 60 mil coat of Enviroline 376F. Chevron was so pleased with the product and service they continue to specify Enviroline 376F at the refinery.

Panama Canal Commission - Panama


The Panama Canal Commission had several concrete potable water tanks that needed to be lined and returned to service quickly.


The Panama Canal Commission chose Enviroline 230 NSF for its single coat, fast cure properties and for the fact that Enviroline 230 is NSF certified for use with potable water. After preparing the surface and applying Enviroline 54 concrete sealer, Enviroline 230 NSF was applied to the surface in a single 40 mil coat. The tanks have been in trouble-free service since the job completion in 1996.


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