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Thick Vs Thin Film

The Enviroline Series of single coat, thick- film products provide many advantages over thin-film coatings:

Fast Application

Thin-film coatings require several coats to achieve a specified thickness of even 20 mils DFT. Enviroline thick-film coatings and linings are applied in a single coat at a thickness ranging from 20 to 150 mils DFT, thereby decreasing labor cost and increasing the speed with which the area is returned to service.

Ultra Low VOC's

Enviroline coatings and linings have little or no VOC's, making these coatings less hazardous to apply and helping the owner meet environmental regulations.

Impact and Abrasion Resistance

Enviroline coatings and linings offer superior impact and abrasion resistance compared with thin-film coatings. This is important to the longevity of the coated area.

Saves Money

Enviroline coatings and linings will reduce the overall cost of a job, from labor costs to the costs associated with the tank, vessel or pipe being out of service. Enviroline coatings and linings will also save the owner money over the long-term with its higher quality coated surface.

No Inter-Coat Adhesion Problems

Multiple coats increase the risk of intercoat adhesion problems thereby making application more difficult. This can be avoided with Enviroline's single coat application.

Fast Cure

Enviroline coatings and linings cure within hours rather than days (see individual data sheet for cure schedule and conditions). This fast cure advantage substantially reduces the costs associated with a tank, pipe or containment area being out of service.

Chemical Resistance

Enviroline coatings and linings offer excellent chemical resistance for continuous immersion in harsh environments, including 98% sulfuric acid, sweet and sour crude oil, and molten sulphur.


Enviroline's quality thick-film coatings and linings will lengthen the life of the tank as evidenced by 50+ years of proven history. Further, API's 653 inspection interval may be extended with Enviroline's glass flake reinforced coating. Optimal quality for optimal life.


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