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Our Temperature Resistant Coatings Range

High temperature processes are present in many of today’s industrial facilities. From oil and gas assets to chemical processing plants and power stations; all will have vessels, valves, pipework and other equipment operating at elevated temperatures and most require specialist protection from these high temperatures in the form of a coatings solution.

Product Product Description
Intertherm 751CSA Intertherm 751CSA is a high build temperature resistant coating capable of withstanding temperatures between -196°C(-321°F) and 400°C(752°F). It offers outstanding protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI) and can be applied to substrates operating at temperature up to 150°C(302°F), making it ideal for use during routine maintenance or major refurbishment.
Intertherm 228 Intertherm 228HS is a highly cross-linked epoxy phenolic coating suitable for use up to 230°C(446°F) ideally suited to protecting steelwork exposed to a wide range of highly corrosive environments, particularly insulated pipework subjected to wet and dry cycling. Intertherm 228HS has excellent resistance to thermal shock.
Intertherm 50 Intertherm 50 is a single component, high temperature silicone suitable for use up to 540°C(1000°F), ideal for the protection of flare stacks, chimneys and exhausts. For maximum corrosion protection Intertherm 50 should be applied over a zinc silicate primer.
Intertherm 715 Intertherm 715 is a functional coating based on modified silicone resin used for identification of hot spots, it gives a one-time warning of dangerous temperature increase, showing a visual colour change relative to temperature rise.
Intertherm 875 Intertherm 875 is a temperature resistant finish based upon an acrylic modified silicone resin,suitable for use up to 260°C(500°F). Intertherm 875 can be used in both new construction and maintenance situations over suitably primed substrates.
Interplus 356 Interplus 356 is a high build, internally flexiblised surface tolerant epoxy. Ideally suited for use in maintenance and repair, Interplus 356 is suitable for protection of steel operating at continuous dry temperatures up to 150°C(302°F), with intermittent surges up to 200°C(392°F).
Intertherm 7050 Intertherm 7050 is a high performance, thermal insulation product based on a solvent free, epoxy syntactic foam. Intertherm 7050 provides thermal shock protection and CUI resistance and is suitable for use with Chartek fireproofing systems.
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