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Total Fire Protection Service

A professional consultancy service backed-up by an experienced team dedicated to provide comprehensive structural fire design solutions.

Right from the very beginning of your project, our industry-leading Structural Fire Design Team can work with you to review the passive fire protection requirements for your asset. AkzoNobel provides a global structural fire resistance service for all projects including those in the commercial infrastructure and oil and gas markets.

We pride ourselves in being able to share our experience and capabilities of protecting assets from the effects of fire. Alongside our intumescent coatings, we believe that engaging with the right people is critical to ensuring the success of our clients’ projects.

                                       A consultancy service for fire protection to achieve optimum value.

Being able to trust and rely on a company to assist in providing a solution to protect steelwork from fire is paramount. For this reason AkzoNobel believe it is important to demonstrate the capabilities of our Structural Fire Design Team to provide confidence to our clients. We believe that this level of service is unique within the passive fire protection industry. Our team collaborates and works internally, with our global colleagues and our clients to ensure that a viable and effective fire protection solution is found.

What is Structural Fire Design?

AkzoNobel's in-house professionally licenced Structural Fire Design team can justify reductions in product thickness and volumes while maintaining the regulatory fire resistance requirements on a project without affecting the design and in many cases yielding programme gains. This is a complimentary service for our clients that sits hand in hand with our intumescent coatings. It is currently being actively carried out on projects across the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australasia.

In addition to determining steel temperatures, the Structural Fire Design team can undertake heat transfer assessments and ad-hoc structural assessments to provide project and client solutions as part of a unique service that assists constructability and application issues.

  • A complimentary service
  • Unique dedicated in-house capability
  • Partnering in design
  • Consultancy experience
  • Extensive knowledge of global standards
  • Structural Engineering design
  • Fire Engineering design
  • Intumescent coating performance
  • Anti-corrosion performance
  • Integrity assessments
  • Specification writing
  • Material and cost estimation
  • Constructability recommendations
  • Application advice
  • Practical solutions to industry challenges
  • Bespoke fire testing capability

Our team operates on a global basis. It has a core basis in Structural Engineering but draws on extensive industry experience in relation to fire modelling, heat transfer, intumescent coatings, academic research, steelwork specifications, fabrication and material estimation.

The Structural Fire Design team are actively involved in local and global standards writing committees for various aspects including fire modelling, heat transfer, structural analysis, fire resistance testing and product performance capability. To promote best practice, we frequently present our work at major international conferences and publish in numerous trade magazines and technical journals. Our team regularly provides dedicated training sessions for clients upon request.
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