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157 Products

Intercrete 4873 (formerly Cemprotec GE080)

Product Type
Structural Concrete: Repair and Protection
No translation found - Mat Fibre Reinforcement - eng

Specifically designed as a general reinforcement for elastomeric cementitious coatings such as Intercrete 4842, particularly on roofs or other areas of cracked concrete where further movement is possible. It provides additional toughness to the film whilst still maintaining a high degree of flexibility

Intercrete 4878 (formerly Cemprotec Flex-Tape)

Product Type
Structural Concrete: Repair and Protection
Flexible Waterproof Sealing Tape

Specially designed for easy embedment in the Intercrete range of decorative protective coatings to ensure continuity of a seamless finish over cracks or joints, and at junctions between dissimilar substrates. Available in two grades, the Light Duty grade may be used to cover static cracks and joints, whereas for larger cracks and joints which are subject to movement, Heavy Duty grade is recommended. By introducing Intercrete 4878 into the applied membrane, a fully waterproof and permanently flexible finish is assured. Intercrete 4878 is non-degrading and is suitable for both internal and external applications.

Intercrete 4876 (formerly Cemprotec GFM 100 / GFM 225)

Product Type
Structural Concrete: Repair and Protection
No translation found - Mat Fibre Reinforcement - eng

Supplied in two grades for the reinforcement of the Intercrete range of fluid applied membranes. It is particularly suited for the reinforcement of Intercrete 4845 used in pitched and flat roof waterproofing where it greatly enhances tensile strength and tear resistance to increase cohesive strength of the composite membrane to accommodate cracks in roofing substrates. It is also used to reinforce membranes in situations where a multi-crazed or cracked substrate must be treated, or where there is a need to provide an additional defence against mechanical damage in high traffic environments.

Intercrete 4815 (formerly Biodex Wash)

Specifically designed to kill active mould, fungal and bacterial spores and organisms such as lichen and algae, prior to the application of primers, coatings and repair mortars in the Intercrete range. Unlike many conventional systems, Intercrete 4815 remains active after its initial application, guarding against subsequent infection for up to two years. It is supplied in a concentrate form.

Interfine 2700

Product Type
Epoxy Polysiloxane

Interfine 2700 is part of International's premium range of polysiloxane finishes. It is designed to provide excellent color and gloss retention and provide extended lifetime to first maintenance when utilised as part of a high performance anti-corrosive system. Interfine 2700 is intended for use in those market sectors where visual impact is important, and the need for a high standard of cosmetic appearance is required.

Interzinc 52E

Interzinc 52E is a high solids, two component, metallic zinc-rich epoxy primer utilising advanced phenalkamine technology to offer improved productivity through fast dry and rapid recoatability.

Interzone 9545

A two component, ultra-low VOC, fast curing, hybrid epoxy technology. As a heavy duty epoxy barrier coating formulated for single leg airless spray application Interzone 9545 is designed to provide long term corrosion protection in aggressive offshore environments. Approved to Norsok M-501 System 7A and 7B Interzone 9545 shows excellent corrosion resistance to abrasion and cathodic disbondment.