Interchar 3120

Interchar 3120, certified to BS476 and EN13381 standards, is an aesthetically pleasing and durable epoxy intumescent coating. Variable build and easy application Interchar 3120 provides cellulosic Passive Fire Protection (PFP) for structural steel, tailored to support the coating of sections offsite prior to being transported to site.

As a fabricator or applicator, you can expect

Ease of application
Direct to metal solutions through both single and plural machine application provide versatility and remove the need for primers and rollering after application, saving time and money.

Damage resistance supports offsite application
Reduced complexity and delays, resulting in faster project completion. Enhanced durability allows Interchar 3120 to be applied offsite and resist damage during transit and construction, reducing the need for touch-ups onsite.

Film Build Flexibility
Allows versatile application through flexible build properties, allowing a dry film thickness as low as 250 microns and as high as 8mm to be applied in one day.

Corrosion resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance makes Interchar 3120 suitable for environments up to C5 according to ISO12944:2018.

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