Chartek represents the industry standard in passive fire protection, providing cutting-edge solutions for over four decades. Chartek 7 and Chartek 7E represent state-of-the-art protection against high-temperature jet fires, preventing escalation and preserving structural integrity to safeguard lives and valuable assets in the event of a disaster. In this project Italgas, the leading gas distributor in Italy and the third largest in Europe, commissioned Saipem (contractor), Donelli Cornegliano (applicator) and AkzoNobel (coating supplier) to safeguard steel piperacks in their new build gas plant.


The piperacks in question were coated with approximately 460 tons of Chartek 7 and 7E. The double-track approach was a major benefit and selling point for both applicator and contractor, providing great benefits in terms of technical consistency and productivity. Chartek 7 was proposed for application with a mesh in the workshop and Chartek 7E without mesh for on-site application. This flexibility helped to streamline application, making best use of workshop capacity and limited on-site space, aiding the applicators in meeting this project’s tight deadline.


Project Owner: Italgas
Contractor: Saipem
Applicator: Donelli Cornegliano
Location of Project: Lombardy, Italy
Products/System Used: Chartek 7, Chartek 7E
Project Size: 30,000 m2