First of its kind project - Coastal Virginia

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AkzoNobel and our extensive International® product range are protecting the first ever offshore wind farm built in US federal waters.

The market-leading protective coatings brand has helped to overcome a string of challenges with the €3.4m pilot project, which will power 3,000 homes once fully operational from 2026.

As well as being a federal-first, other hurdles negotiated during the successful pilot include the sheer size of the site and it being the first offshore wind farm owned by a US electric utility company. The pilot represents a series of firsts for both Dominion Energy and the United States.

Some 375,000 litres of Interzone® 954 and Interthane® 990 coatings are being used on 176 offshore wind energy assets with developer Dominion Energy, 27 miles from Virginia Beach.

Since the wind industry began more than 40 years ago, AkzoNobel and International® continue to set the industry standard and lead the way with our extensive product range, which has been integral to offshore projects. Worldwide, 85 million square meters of steel are protected by Interzone 954.

Groundbreaking project

Background information 

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) is split into a pilot, which launched in October 2020, and a commercial-scale project which is due to become operational in 2026.

The pilot involves two offshore wind energy assets generating 6 megawatts each and is the first offshore wind farm installed in federal waters and the first offshore wind project developed and owned by an electric utility company.

The commercial project builds on the success of the pilot and will consist of 176 offshore wind energy assets generating a total of 2.6 gigawatts. These new wind energy assets will be 200 feet tall and collectively generate 220 times more power than the pilot project, enough to power 660,000 homes.

First of its kind in US Federal waters

Our products

The robustness and proven in field success of Interzone 954 ensure Coastal Virginia’s assets are kept in optimum condition, providing essential corrosion protection and long-term structural integrity.

To ensure optimal performance of this trailblazing project, our range of specially engineered RELEST® blade coatings were applied.

These benefits provide greater certainty for wind farm owners on the choice of technology required to protect and deliver against lifetime expectations.

This case study is an example of how AkzoNobel connects the dots by combining its capabilities in specialised wind asset protection that is proven to be reliable in challenging environments, with its extensive portfolio and track records.

Providing essential corrosion protection

The results

The CVOW development is especially important given its location as an emerging territory. It marked an important milestone in AkzoNobel’s efforts to become a market leader for offshore wind in the US. The research and technical expertise put in during this project sets AkzoNobel apart and builds trust for future endeavours.

Coastal Virginia follows the success of Ocean Wind 1 in New Jersey and Vineyard Wind based off Massachusetts.

Andreas Hoyer, AkzoNobel Global Sales Manager for Wind Energy, says: “We are extremely proud to be involved in such a groundbreaking project with two US-firsts. Our high quality, ability to serve the needs across the contract chain, and our long term track records have built trust for future projects. Our product portfolio displays  excellent durability, ultimately resulting in a long asset lifetime.”

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