Concrete Repair & Protection

AkzoNobel's Concrete Repair & Protection maintenance solutions for downstream oil & gas

High Performance Solutions for Concrete that Save Weeks & Protect for Decades

Our systems for the repair and protection of concrete are proven effective in real time – our Intercrete range have been on a continuous independent test for 30 Years and are still protecting concrete against any signs of chloride ion ingress.

Concrete Repair & Remediation Solutions Delivering 

  • High strength
  • Easy application
  • Damp tolerant
  • Unrivaled asset protection
  • Fast cure
  • Rapid return to service
  • Surface tolerant
  • Water based - VOC free

Intercrete concrete solutions can reduce downtime from 28 days to 28 hours

Waiting for concrete to cure sufficiently to allow a protective coating or chemical resistant lining to be applied inevitably causes a long-term cessation of your construction progress – but not anymore. Intercrete products can be applied onto damp surfaces and also onto freshly poured (“green”) concrete as soon as it is structurally sound enough to stand on – usually around 24 hours later. Intercrete products can then be over coated with high performance coatings and linings one day later – giving you back nearly 4 weeks.

Faster Coating for Concrete - How Intercrete Works Low Water Content 

High Speed Cure: Concrete needs to cure sufficiently and reduce the overall moisture content within the matrix to around 4% before coatings and chemical resistant linings can be applied. This can take up to 28 days – an inevitable delay to construction progress. Intercrete products have a hugely reduced water content and a highly dense matrix. As shown in the graph, Intercrete products can reach 4% moisture content in hours rather than weeks. 

Intercrete Solutions for Downstream Oil and Gas Maintenance and Repair

Secondary containment

  • Permits fast application of chemical resistant linings
  • Compatible with a wide range of International protective coating systems
  • Suitable for application onto damp/external bund areas
  • No Special Skills Required – Easy Application

Structural repairs

  • Highly Protective Structural Mortars
  • High Build – Most repairs can be achieved in a single application
  • No Special Skills Required – Easy Application
  • Solvent Free – Safe to Use
  • High Strength Gain – Up to 4,800 psi compressive strength in just 24 Hours 

Immersed Assets

  • Application onto surfaces to be immersed & part immersed – even tidal
  • Safe & clean – blast cleaning not necessary 
  • Suitable for steel and concrete structures
  • Superior resistance to erosion and abrasion

Tank base sealing

  • Flexible Coating System Bridging Tank Base & Concrete Plinth
  • Protects Tank Base Against Hidden Ingress & Corrosion
  • Microporous – Allows Trapped Moisture to Escape 

Buried Assets

  • Exceptional Passivating Corrosion Protection 
  • Highly resistant to Backfilling Abrasion & Damage
  • Protects Against External Wear caused by Cargo Flow Vibration
  • Protection for Severe Service Conditions & soils

Intercrete 4801 - High Build Repair Mortar

  • Single component fiber reinforced, high build cement based repair mortar
  • Specifically designed for structural concrete repairs and general concrete remediation as well as reinstatement work
  • Can be used for repairs up to 80mm (3.15 inches) deep in a single layer even overhead
  • Highly waterproof  


Intercrete 4802 - Rapid Setting Repair Mortar

  • Designed for the structural repair of concrete structures such as supports, bridges, decks and floors, which cannot be taken out of service for prolonged periods.
  • Allows fast reinstatement of defective concrete and quick application of Coatings
  • High Strength mortar - rivals epoxies in strength & performance
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Low Temperature Cure


Intercrete 4820 - Waterproof Screed and Pore Filler

  • Designed as a waterproof filler for minor voids and defects
  • Provides a suitable surface finish for the subsequent application of International protective coating systems & linings
  • Essential stage when considering Intercrete products onto concrete to allow IP coating & lining systems. Prevents surface defects e.g. pinholing in the coating film
  • High Strength cure produces tough abrasion resistant engineering grade finish
  • Resistant to 10 Bar positive and Negative pressure @ just 3mm thickness

Intercrete 4840 - Epoxy Polymer Cement Coating

  • Epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating for the protection of concrete and steel substrates.
  • Self Priming for concrete and properly prepared steel
  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent for Tidal Areas such as jetty piling, pier substructures
  • Fast turnaround when coating new concrete – e.g. secondary containment
  • Resistant to 10 Bar positive and Negative pressure

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