Reliability Assessment Services

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AkzoNobel's Reliability Assessment Services for downstream oil & gas

Reliability Assessment Services

Interplan is a fully-integrated, flexible coating survey and maintenance service package that helps to reduce maintenance cost and extend the life cycle of your assets.

What Interplan delivers to your facility

  • Better control of maintenance coating budgets
  • Extended life cycles and protection of assets through standard systems and practices
  • Justifying longer term, high technology coating systems
  • A managed yet flexible maintenance coating program
  • A reduction in overall coating spend
  • A safer environment for employees and visitors
  • QA/QC under your control and tracking
  • Manage site tasks for increased efficiency
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Interoperability with most management equipment management software 

Providing the right people

Utilizing our global network of Technical Service Representatives and maintenance specialists we are able to provide a comprehensive and far-reaching network of people wherever you are located. Combining over 100 years of experience in the coatings industry with an in-depth knowledge of corrosion control, our NACE/FROSIO accredited representatives are on hand to offer advice and assistance allowing you to extend the life cycle of your asset. 


Working with your team

We understand that maintenance can be a complex subject, presenting different challenges for different members of your team. By providing a single point of contact we are able to work closely with you to ensure that we provide the best maintenance program for your assets. Understanding the individual needs from your procurement team through to your maintenance engineers and safety management, we offer you much more than just coatings.

Ensuring you are compliant

Increasingly stringent regulatory standards across the globe now mean that maintenance is more important than ever before, from general paint corrosion through to fire protection, linings, and concrete degradation. It is essential to have plans in place that establish an internal program of regular and frequent inspection and repair.

Developing long term relationships

The Interplan service is designed to provide a long term view of your future maintenance needs. We are committed to helping you establish a cost-effective maintenance budget over the life cycle of your asset, minimizing the risk of unforeseen costs. From the day of the initial coating and corrosion survey through to the last year of your maintenance plan we are there to offer guidance and advice.

Providing support

Whatever your role in the contract chain, whether you are an asset owner, a site manager or a painting contractor, we are there to offer support providing a consistent approach to maintenance and repair. Whether you are operating a single site or across multiple sites, we are equipped to supply the maintenance plan, the coatings you need as well as ongoing advice helping you to optimize productivity and reduce downtime.

Whatever market you are in, whatever the condition of your asset, you can be assured that with Interplan and AkzoNobel, you have the product, service and the people you need to give you long term asset protection.

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We are here to help

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