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Petroleum Tank Multi-Functional Linings Maintenance Range

  • AkzoNobel has an extensive track record of tank lining success since the 1970s and Oil & Gas majors globally
  • With Linings maintenance options designed to reduce the risk of failure in service and associated potential leakage and unplanned cost
  • Maintenance programs designed to increase the service interval of the lining and increase the chance of it aligning with the shutdown schedule of the asset

Linings maintenance made easy

Reducing tank downtime

  • Enviroline 376F-60 can be inspected within 4 hours of application.
  • Single coat systems reduce application time.
  • Enviroline 376F-60 and Enviroline 405HTR can be returned to service after 14 hours.
  • Enviroline flake and fiber reinforced linings offer the durability of glass flake reinforced linings applied in a single coat.
  • Interline 984 Matcote can be applied at more than twice the rate of a standard glass fiber mat hand lay system.

Reinforced reliability

  • Glass fiber reinforced linings allow thicker application of linings and give them higher flexural strength.
  • Organisations like American Petroleum Institute (API) will allow the inspection interval of a tank lining to be extended by +5 years if it is glass fiber reinforced.
  • AkzoNobel glass fiber reinforced linings can bridge holes caused by underside corrosion of the tank.

Your One Stop Shop

The complete range of linings to cover your requirements:
  • Thin film, thick film, reinforced or leak detection
  • Epoxy, vinyl ester, silicate, urethane or cementitious
  • Standard, quick or winter cure

AkzoNobel has an offer for all the possible service environments the Owner or Applicator may face and can therefore reduce the number of linings and suppliers required.
Learn more about how a multi-functional Petroleum Tank Lining maintenance solution can improve productivity all year round, by completing the form.

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