With an estimated project cost of US$37 billion, Ichthys LNG is the largest overseas project undertaken by a Japanese company. Likewise, the Ichthys Venturer is an ambitious vessel; 336 meters long with a storage capacity of 1.12 million barrels and designed to last 40 years, much longer than a typical FPSO. Based on a proven formulation that has been used in more than 60% of the world’s offshore oil and gas facilities, Chartek 7E was the natural PFP choice to secure the specified lifetime of the vessel.


This tried-and-tested formulation is the result of AkzoNobel’s decades of technology leadership and continuous innovation, powered by unrivalled testing capabilities that allow coatings to be exposed to a wide array of extreme conditions in order to measure resistance. Combined with the expertise gathered from protecting more than 6 million square meters of steelwork over the last 25 years with Chartek 7 alone, AkzoNobel is highly equipped to provide PFP solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide.


Chartek 7 is one of the core products of the Chartek range, with a track record of over 20 years providing exceptional protection against pool and jet fires, with proven long-term resistance against fire damage and corrosion. Chartek 7E applies the same technology with a self-reinforced formula that is mesh-free, helping to achieve weight reduction through a safety-first approach.




“Since Chartek 7 was released in 1995, it has proved itself to be the most dependable epoxy PFP technology in the industry, providing safety, durability and efficiency,” explained *Bas Hesselink, Oil & Gas Segment Manager for AkzoNobel. “With Chartek 7E we’ve taken the next step with a lighter, self-reinforced coating, helping our customers to further reduce application and maintenance costs while increasing long-term protection.


“Our wealth of experience with the Chartek 7 technology platform allows us to work closely with our partners to develop cutting-edge solutions to their latest challenges, and provide guidance on the best methods to apply and maintain them. 7E in particular is ideal for large-scale projects such as the Ichthys Venturer with long specified lifetimes, combining on-site productivity with proven long-term performance to help minimize both application and maintenance costs.”


Location of Project: Timor Sea, Australia
Main Product Used: Chartek 7E
Area Coated: 22,000 m2
Volume of Coatings: 330 tons
Project Owner: INPEX Corporation