A low VOC, high solids, rapid cure primer/finish, Intercure 4500 offers excellent anticorrosive protection and long term aesthetic durability. Based upon innovative polyaspartic resin technology, Intercure 4500 can be applied as a single coat direct-to-metal or over suitable primers for more corrosive environments using standard application equipment. Its rapid cure characteristics (even at low temperatures) help to further optimize application time and reduce labor costs.


Product Chemistry
Direct to Metal Polyaspartic
Volume Solids
VOC content (EPA method)
225 g/lt
Colour Options
Limited range
Maximum Dry film thickness
250 μm
Minimum Dry film thickness
150 μm
Number of components
Multi pack
Dry time (at 15°C)
2.5 Hours
Low Temperature Cure (at 5°C)
3.5 Hours