With an extensive global track record spanning over 25 years, Interzone 954 is a high solids two component modified epoxy ideal for protecting and maintaining steel structures in the most severe environments. Particularly suited to maintenance situations, Interzone 954 is designed to give long term abrasion and corrosion protection in a single coat application and will continue to cure when immersed in water. Interzone 954 can also be used as a deck coating with appropriate aggregate.


Product Chemistry
Modified Epoxy
Volume Solids
VOC content (EPA method)
225 g/lt
Colour Options
Available on Chromascan
Maximum Dry film thickness
500 μm
Minimum Dry film thickness
250 μm
Number of components
Multi pack
Dry time (at 15°C)
12.5 Hours
Low Temperature Cure (at 5°C)
40 Hours