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Starfield Hanam

Covering 460,000 square meters, the equivalent of around 70 soccer fields, Starfield in scenic Hanam, just east of Seoul, is one of the largest shopping malls in South Korea. 

Stepping inside the mall, shoppers are greeted with copious amounts of natural light coming in through the two glass roofs standing at 35 meters above the ground, built to deliver a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our coatings are making sure that Starfield Hanam’s stunning roofs are looking great for the millions of shoppers that the giant mall is catering for.

The owner specified a fast-curing primer to increase productivity in the workshop, followed by a high build polyurethane topcoat with a semi-gloss white surface. We worked with MERO, the German steel fabricator and main contractor, to provide Starfield Hanam with the most effective, long lasting corrosion protection and impactful visual appearance. We met those protection needs with our Intercure and Interthane products, known for their reliability and durability.

Intercure 200 was chosen to provide superior long term corrosion protection to the roofs’ steel. The zinc epoxy primer provides rapid cure even under low temperature conditions and is suitable for over-coating within 3 hours in most climatic conditions, speeding up production and throughput in fabrication shops.

Semi-gloss and available in a wide range of colors, our Interthane 870 finish coat was used to deliver excellent cosmetics and extended recoatability, assisting in project flexibility.

Boasting a very long global track record, the two-coat system used is MERO´s preferred choice for medium corrosive atmospheres up to C3, according to ISO 12944. It was also selected by the fabricator for the Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

In order to make sure customer requirements for best class corrosion protection were met along with the strict delivery deadlines, our highly trained, FROSIO qualified coating inspectors offered constant comprehensive technical support to the project team. We also provided valuable application advice and spray training via the quality control process.

Andreas Hoyer, AkzoNobel’s Sales Manager for DACH said on the Starfield Hanam project: “We have had a very long and excellent relationship with the main contractor MERO; they chose AkzoNobel for our global and local supply capability, complete technical support, fast delivery and trusted overall service”.

Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Products: Intercure 200, Interthane 870
Size: 20,000l

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