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One of the key challenges that the operators of the VTT Vasiliko Ltd (VTTV) oil storage terminal in Cyprus had to tackle was the ability to contain a variety of different cargoes within a single tank over its lifetime. 

With a 544,000m³ capacity, the VVTV is a vital energy hub in a strategic location within the Mediterranean, connecting Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia. The facility currently comprises of 28 tanks and offers access to a deep water marine jetty, as well as to road tanker loading facilities.  

During the construction of VVTV the operators had to take several things into consideration to ensure the facility will operate to its full potential during its lifetime.  

It is vital that the storage tanks are kept in service for as long as possible with minimum downtime, as any reduction in storage capacity is equivalent to a loss of potential earnings, and the longer the service is disrupted the greater the financial impact. A high performance coating system applied effectively can significantly delay the time to first maintenance and minimize downtime later in the terminal’s service life.  

It is also possible to optimize the available capacity for the variety of liquids passing through the facility at one time, by selecting a tank lining system which enables the rotation of cargoes. For this to be possible the tank lining system would require chemical resistance to a range of common petroleum products, as well as resistance to the cleaning processes used to prevent cross contamination during the switchover of cargoes.  

Interline 984 was selected as the most suitable solution based upon these requirements, following close cooperation with project engineering contractor Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Limited (J&P).  

Interline 984 is an ideal lining for use in the bulk storage industry, due to its versatility and resistance to an extensive range of cargoes including crude oil up to 90°C (194°F), unleaded gasoline blends, MTBE, alcohols, aviation fuels and aromatic and aliphatic solvents. It can also withstand a variety of common cleaning methods including high pressure fresh water washing and steam cleaning at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). 

Not only did Interline 984 satisfy the engineers’ requirements, but it also provided coatings applicator SEM SA, Barondin Cyprus, with a number of key benefits. The high performance lining can be applied to full thickness in a single coat, eliminating the additional curing intervals required by a multi-coat application. This means that storage tanks can be returned to service in as little as 24 hours after application at ambient temperature maximizing potential earnings for the owner of the facility. 

In addition to the benefits delivered by the coating system itself, our highly trained technical support and after sales service representatives provided constant valuable support to the project team throughout the various stages of the project. 

Location: Vasiliko, Cyprus 
Year of project: 2004 
Products/system used: Interline 982, Interline 984  
Total volume: 20,000L

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