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Our coatings ensure that the world’s structures retain their safety, impact and design credentials for many years to come.

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    Interprime 741
    A revolutionary reinforced PVB single pack primer combining in one application etching and pre- treatment qualities for the preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. This product has UK welding and Health certificates
    Interthane 1070
    A two component, high build, acrylic polyurethane primer/finish, containing zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation, providing excellent durability and long-term recoatability.
    Structural Concrete: Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4820
    Supplied as a single component, fibre reinforced, waterproof screed or fairing coat.Requires the addition of clean water at site. *Selective Countries Only - Please contact your local representative.
    Temperature Resistance
    Intertherm 181
    A two component, high temperature resistant topcoat based on inorganic silicate technology.
    Interlac 826
    A single component, rapid drying modified alkyd primer/finish, designed to provide both anti-corrosive properties and a decorative finish in a single coat.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4871
    A two component, water based, polymer modified cementitious anti-corrosive coating. *Selective Countries Only - Please contact your local representative.
    Tru-Glaze-WB 4030
    A high performance, two component, chemically-cured, water borne epoxy rust inhibitive primer.
    Enviroline B-Flex 9400TR
    A solvent free, two component polysulphide lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology.
    Surface Tolerant
    Bar-Rust 235V
    An ultra low VOC, high performance, multi-purpose, surface tolerant, two-component chemically-cured epoxy semi-gloss coating.
    Interseal 1052
    A two component, low VOC, high solids, fast curing anticorrosive epoxy primer.Zinc Phosphate version also available.
    Devran 203
    A high performance, chemically cured, rust inhibitive water borne epoxy primer for interior or exterior steel, galvanized metal or aluminium surfaces.
    Interzinc 553
    A single component, zinc rich inorganic silicate primer, giving exceptional cathodic protection together with ease of use and application.
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