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    Ceilcote 322 Flakeline
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 242HB Flakeline
    Ceilcote 242HB Flakelineis a glass flake filled vinyl ester high build lining for use on steel and concrete substrates.Ceilcote 242HB Flakelinehas excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acid solutions and many aliphatic solvents. The coating system can achieve a dry film thickness of up to 1350 microns (54 mils) in a single coat. The intent is to eliminate one application step where similar coating systems require two separate applications. Ceilcote 242HB Flakeline can be applied on concrete and metal surfaces with proper surface preparation. Uses Ceilcote #2 Hardener.
    Ceilcote 370HT Primer
    Ceilcote 370HT Primer is a catalysed vinyl ester primer. It provides excellent bonding and adhesion for various polyester and vinyl ester linings, coatings and flooring systems, as well as for Ceilcote Hybrid Polymer systems. Uses Ceilcote #2 Hardener.
    Ceilcote 680M
    Ceilcote 680M Primer/Saturant is a low viscosity, 85% volume solids epoxy compound based on a unique adduct curing technology. This provides tolerance of surface moisture at temperatures down to 2ºC (32ºF) and the ability to cure in the presence of moisture. The addition of Ceilcote C#1 Powder provides conductivity where required.
    Ceilcote 686C Primer
    CEILCOTE 686C primer is a conductive epoxy primer for application on concrete surfaces. When used, it overcomes the variable resistance of the concrete substrate and provides a conductive film under CEILCOTE epoxy systems so that the system can be tested for holidays (pinholes) with a high voltage detector.
    Concrete Repair
    Ceilcote Ceilline
    Ceilcote Ceilline Horizontal and Ceilcote Ceilline Vertical are two component elastomeric epoxy systems with excellent flexibility and resistance to crack bridging on concrete surfaces.
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