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    Interthane 976
    A two component, fast drying, acrylic polyurethane clear finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.
    A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability
    Interlac 800
    A sing component, high solids, low VOC, 30% silicone content, modified alkyd
    Intercryl 988
    Single pack pure acrylic membrane coating designed to provide high quality cosmetic appearance with protection. It is also the preferred coating for sprayed polyurethane foam and is a long life finish coat over Intergard 436 on fibre cement roofing. Intercryl 988 has high volume solids, exhibits long term resistance to UV and atmospheric pollution and remains permanently flexible and elastic.
    Interbuild 1003
    Interbuild 1003 is a high performance, two component epoxy primer with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance properties. Interbuild 1003 is especially suited for mechanically prepared concrete substrates or porous substrates that prone to weakness, due to excellent penetration and high adhesion properties.
    Interthane 990FD
    A two component fast dry acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability. Interthane 990FD is a regional product, supported in North America.
    Interlac 1017
    A single component alkyd gloss enamel finish.
    Interbuild 1091
    Interbuild 1091 is a two component isocyanate cured polyurethane coating. It is a high performance, nonyellowing product. It is easy to apply. This product is tintable in a wide range of colours. It has excellent gloss and colour retention. It has good chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. If enhanced slip resistance is required GM Non Slip can be used in the system. To be used as topcoat in atmospheric environments. Interbuild 1091 is best suited for light traffic areas.
    Intercryl 853
    A heavy duty water borne acrylic coating. Excellent weather resistance. Outstanding gloss and colour retention over extended periods.
    RELEST Wind WB Topcoat HB - I394-x5xx
    RELEST Wind WB Topcoat is a two-component water-based topcoat for rotor blades of wind energy plants and is characterised by its excellent weather resistance and levelling. A major advantage of this product is its application reliability at high film thicknesses >100μm dry film thickness.
    Devran 229V
    A low VOC, high performance, two component, isocyanate free crosslinking acrylic finish which provides good durability in terms of colour and gloss retention. *Please note this product is only available in North America.
    Interthane 1021
    A two component, high build, acrylic polyurethane primer/finish providing anti-corrosion barrier protection and long term recoatability.
    Interthane 1057
    A two component, fast drying acrylic aliphatic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and a high gloss finish.
    RELEST Wind UHS Topcoat - I307-xxxx
    RELEST Wind UHS Topcoat is a two-component ultra-high solid topcoat for rotor blades of wind energy plants and is characterised by its excellent weather and rain erosion resistance.
    Interthane 4379
    A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic polyurethane gloss finish for use in areas where maximum gloss and colour retention are required.
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