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Damp Surface Solutions Range

Damp surfaces adjacent to cooling towers can provide a challenge, as there is the risk of corrosion but shutting down cooling towers is not an option. Our proven coating solutions can be applied over continuously damp surfaces and during regular operations. The single coat application reduces turnaround time by minimizing surface preparation requirements.

  • Reduced applicator risk
  • Up to 50% lower maintenance costs
  • Surface tolerant coatings
  • Efficient single coat application

Interzone 954 offers a versatile, easy to use and durable coating for maintenance:

  • Surface tolerant, dampness tolerant and early water resistance enables faster turnaround in maintenance situations
  • Direct to metal (DTM) application in a single coat system removes the need for primers, increases productivity and reduces applied cost
  • As a single coat, long term solution for maintenance of damp surfaces, Interzone 954 can save time and money in maintenance applications

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