Our coatings and linings, developed to meet our customers’ coating challenges and suit their unique needs,are keeping Dow Corning safe from the devastating effects of fire and chemical attack. 

Highly flammable and corrosive, trichlorosilane used in the production of silicon, provided a challenge for the Dow Corning plant owners. If the plant’s trichlorosilane production areas were not adequately protected with an appropriate coating system, detrimental damage could occur. Also, when in contact with water, trichlorosilane reacts giving off the highly toxic by-products hydrochloric acid and chlorine. Therefore water sprinkler fire protection systems could not be used in the trichlorosilane areas. Chartek successfully met this fire protection challenge. 

Compared to cementitious fire protection, Chartek 1709 is a lightweight intumescent fire protection coating and its low-density properties reduce the overall applied weight. Chartek 1709 also provides long term corrosion protection which greatly reduces asset lifetime maintenance costs.  

Our Intertherm 751CSA is providing long term corrosion protection to equipment within the trichlorosilaneproduction process, operating at a wide range of cyclic temperatures as high as 400°C (752°F). The use of Intertherm 751CSA eliminated application complexity as a single system was used to cover the entire temperature range. 

With a proven track record in protecting against extreme chemical attack, Ceilcote was used to protect tankinternals from hydrochloric acid. Ceilcote provides a long term solution, minimizing the potential for early repair, and is designed to protect against a wide range of chemicals, including inorganic and organic acidsand chlorinated, aliphatic and aromatic solvents. 

Our complete range of products means that whatever the challenge our customers are facing, we can supply high performance coatings and linings to meet their needs, reducing complexity and maximizing productivity. 

Focus products: Chartek 1709, Intertherm 751CSA, Ceilcote  
Year of project: 2006 to 2010  
Location: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China  
Project size: 60,000L key products (300,000L total)