Fireproofing an offshore giant with Chartek

Valhall BP

The Valhall oilfield, operated by BP, has been operational for more than 35 years. The giant field located in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea is protected from the devastating effects of fire by our Chartek products. 

Due to a desire to operate more efficiently, a redevelopment plan started in 2007 with the creation of a new field center. The facility is an integrated production and accommodation platform and is said to extend the life of the field to 2050. 

Our high-performance coatings systems, designed to stand up to the rigors of offshore environments, were chosen to protect the new platform. The two key areas for us were passive fire protection (PFP) and the ability to provide systems that were approved to the NORSOK M-501 standard. The aim of the standard is to obtain a coating system which ensures optimal protection of the installation, with minimum need for maintenance over a fifteen year period. 

We met the fire protection needs of the Valhall BP oilfield with our Chartek range, known for its reliability and durability in offshore environments.  

Chartek is the world’s most complete range of epoxy intumescent PFP coatings and the first choice for the oil and gas industry worldwide. With an in-service track record of over 45 years, Chartek provides safety, durability and efficiency through proven, economical and easy-to-apply solutions, successfully meeting project and customer requirements in the most severe environments. Its combination of both corrosion and fire protection is unbeatable and vital for the Valhall BP oilfield. 

Chartek was the first jet-fire rated epoxy PFP coating that passed the corrosion performance requirements without a topcoat as set out in the NORSOK standard, demonstrating global technical leadership.  

AkzoNobel’s Benelux Sales Manager said on the project: “We are honored to have worked with BP on such a prestigious project. With our knowledge, we were able to provide them with a coating system that matched their needs for an efficient working environment in extreme conditions. We have a close working relationship with the Heerema Marine Contractors who constructed the platform. This means we provide dedicated technical service to assure that applications of both paint and Chartek are carried out correctly.” 

Project year: 2010  
Owner & Operator: BP  
Yard: Heerema, The Netherlands  
Production capacity: 40,800 b/d 


IMage: © BP Plc

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