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We offer a complete coating solution range for the most demanding offshore environments around the world.

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    Ceilcote 165 Grout
    Ceilcote 165 Grout is a carefully blended, three component vinylester grout. It is designed for grouting pumps, vessels and equipment that are subjected to chemical exposure.
    Enviroline 2960
    An ultra high solids, two component lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology, providing excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and adhesion properties.
    Enviroline 376F-30LT
    Low Temperature Application and Cure Tank Lining.
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 242LSE flakeline
    CEILCOTE 242 LSE Flakeline coating is a low surface energy, flake filled, catalyzed vinyl ester system with excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acid solutions and many aliphatic solvents.
    Interzone 1020
    A two component, glass flake reinforced ambient cure isophthalic polyester coating.
    Interplus 4102 Odin Gel
    A single component, water-based rust remover / cleaner gel. Interplus 4102 Odin Gel is 100% biologically degradable, free for toxins and conforms to the yellow classification of the Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).
    Interdur 8809
    Interdur 8809 is a two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer which complies with the composition and performance requirements of HG/T3668. CHINA ONLY
    Intergard 2005
    A two component high build epoxy semi gloss finish.
    Ceilcote 310 Ceilpatch
    CEILCOTE 310 Ceilpatch is a chemical-resistant vinyl ester patching/filling compound that is used to fill defects in concrete or steel prior to the application of Ceilcote Lining, Coating or Flooring systems. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete or steel, minimal shrinkage and superior chemical resistance
    Surface Pre-Treatment
    Interplus 546
    A single component solvent based cleaner/degreaser, which can be described as readily biodegradable as tested by OECD 301B CO2 Evolution test.
    Temporary Protection
    Intertherm 79
    A single component, fast drying primer based on a specially modified synthetic resin. On heating the coating will decompose to leave an inert residue, with minimal evaporation of organic condensation products.
    Enviroline 399PTFE
    Enviroline 399PTFE is a high solids, thick-film single coat advanced hybrid epoxy system that reduces the coefficient of friction to allow smoother, easier loading of slurry and dry products.
    Intergard 242
    A general purpose, two component epoxy anti-corrosive primer pigmented with zinc phosphate to comply with BS5493:1977.
    Interthane 3230SG
    A two component, semi- gloss, low VOC, high solids, fast curing, polyurethane primer/finish pigmented with zinc phosphate to provide added anti-corrosive performance and a durable, decorative finish.
    Enviroline 58HS
    Enviroline 58HS is a high solids, low viscosity 250g/l VOC compliant rust inhibitive epoxy polyamide primer designed as an excellent holding primer for interior or exterior steel, concrete, and masonry surfaces requiring an extended recoat window.
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