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Our coatings ensure that the world’s structures retain their safety, impact and design credentials for many years to come.

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    Devcryl 1449
    A single component water borne finish formulated on weather resistant acrylic copolymer technology. *Please note this product is only available in North America.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4804 (formerly Marine Mortar S)
    A two component, water-based (VOC-free), fibre reinforced, polymer modified, cementitious mortar with excellent adhesion for use in areas subject to early immersion. Intercrete 4804 cures rapidly to produce a high strength mortar with enhanced polymeric properties for the repair of voids in aggressive marine environments. Suitable for thicknesses up to 50mm.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4893 (formerly Monodex Clear)
    A single component, low VOC, transparent coating that offers an excellent defence against carbon dioxide ingress and the effects of weathering, significantly prolonging the maintenance free life of buildings and structures. Applied without a primer, it forms a clear, satin finish that retains the original appearance of the concrete substrate to which it is applied. It prevents water ingress, yet allows damp substrates to breathe and dry out, and is both dirt and UV resistant. Long term protection from the growth of mould and fungi is assured with the use of advanced encapsulated biocide technology to help maintain its original appearance.
    Intergard 2511
    A two component, low VOC, high solids, epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation.This primer's versatile application properties provide robust film thickness control as supplied, without the need to thin.
    Concrete Repair
    Intergard 2002
    A two-component, high solids and high build polyamine-cured epoxy.
    Temperature Resistance
    Intertherm 228HS
    A highly crosslinked, two component, high build epoxy phenolic coating, Intertherm 228HS combines properties of corrosion and chemical resistance when used in high temperature service. Based upon novolac resin technology, Intertherm 228HS can be used in a wide range of highly corrosive environments operating at temperatures up to 230°C (446°F).
    Interdur 8842
    A two component, high solids, low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide coating formulated on proprietary polymer technology which provides rapid cure and overcoating even under low temperature conditions.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4874 (formerly Cemprotec 2000-BJT)
    A high performance butyl tape which is designed to join two pieces of Intercrete 4872 waterproof composite tape together. Embedded into our Intercrete range of cementitious coatings, it forms an elastomeric joint between two lengths of tape to accommodate movement.
    Enviroline 405HTR MR System
    Enviroline 405HTR MR is a reinforced chemcial resistant system. The system features a high temperature reesistant, 100% volume high solids, two component polycyclamine cured lining topcoat. Fibre glass mat reinforcement increases physical properties and where necessary allows dynamic crack bridging in concrete.In the table below you can find System Sheet and Application guidelines. For Technical Datasheets and MSDSs please click on the links to the individual component products of the system below the table.
    Intercure 3240G
    A two component, gloss, low VOC, high solids, fast drying polyaspartic primer/finish coating. Intercure 3240G provides improved productivity at ambient temperature application whilst combining the anti-corrosive performance of epoxy coatings and high aesthetics of UV durable topcoats in a single coat application. Intercure 3240G is applied as a single coat direct to correctly prepared substrates using manual mix (single leg) or automatic mix (plural leg) application equipment, reducing application time, energy consumption and labour costs when compared to two coat applications, or single coat applications which require force drying at high temperature.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4811 (formerly Bond-Prime)
    A single component, water-based (VOC free), rapid curing, acrylic copolymer modified with a unique water-emulsified epoxy cross-linking agent. Intercrete 4811 is inherently hydrophobic and alkali resistant, making it ideal for application to a wide range of new and aged mineral substrates.
    It is non-hazardous, and application is by brush, roller or airless spray to prime and stabilise surfaces prior to the application of Flexcrete’s specialist membranes. Intercrete 4811 cures to form a clear film with an identifying green tint, both on and within the substrate, to provide an ideal surface for subsequent treatment.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Interchar 3120
    Interchar 3120 provides thin and thick film capabilities, easy to apply and durable epoxy intumescent coating that provides cellulosic passive fire protection (PFP) for off site applied structural steel. It increases production efficiency, reduces site work and coating schedules.
    Devthane 379N
    A low VOC, two component modified acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long-term
    recoatability, for use over correctly prepared primed surfaces. This product is also HAPS free and
    exempt solvent free.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4895 (formerly Monodex ICB)
    A single component, low VOC, elastomeric, intermediate, water-based crack-bridging filler and coating which is designed for use where enhanced crack-bridging properties are required. It is capable of bridging existing cracks up to 1mm and also acts as a filler for pores, cavities and blowholes.
    Supplied as a ready-mixed paste for ease of use, it is highly cost-effective and can be applied straight onto the substrate as no primers are required
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4881 (formerly Biodex Sheen Series 2)
    A single component, water-based (VOC-free), elastomeric, high build hygiene coating for walls and ceilings in demanding service conditions. Intercrete 4881 is a resin-ric, semi-gloss, biostatic membrane that incorporates the latest encapsulated protectant technology in combination with silver ions to give completely safe use and zero leaching into the surrounding environment. It effectively prevents the growth of mould and bacteria whilst proven silver ion technology has recognised benefits in limiting the spread of germs. The unique in-film chemistry allows for the ultra-slow, controlled release of active ingredients into the coating film throughout a long service life, even where harsh cleaning regimes are followed.
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