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We offer a complete coating solution range for the most demanding offshore environments around the world.

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    Temperature Resistance
    Interbond 1202UPC
    Interbond 1202UPC is a universal pipe coating that provides external protection for above ground piping and accessories operating between -196ºC (-321ºF) and 650ºC (1202ºF). Interbond 1202UPC reduces coating complexity and overall project painting costs by standardizing coating specifications, providing excellent corrosion protection in a wide range of operating environments including corrosion under insulation (CUI) conditions. Based on an inorganic copolymer resin system, Interbond 1202UPC is compliant with the performance criteria of the ISO12944-9 cyclic aging test, without a primer.
    Temperature Resistance
    Intertherm 3070
    Designed specifically for the subsea market, Intertherm 3070 is a two component phenolic epoxy novolac with excellent high temperature resistance and compatibility with cathodic protection.
    Interline 850
    A versatile thin film epoxy phenolic tank lining with an extended overcoating interval of up to 30 days, Interline 850 expands your options when scheduling maintenance. It can be used direct to metal, as both holding primer and build coat in a system, and with tanks returning to service in as little as five days, Interline 850 can further improve schedule.
    Interline 399
    A high performance, highly crosslinked two component epoxy novolac tank lining, with excellent heat and solvent resistance.
    Interline 984
    A premium solvent-free epoxy phenolic tank lining, Interline 984 is formulated with ease of application at the forefront. Wide ranging resistance allows for multiple end uses to be covered by the same product, saving time during specification. Excellent flow and levelling properties enhance pit filling characteristics, making it the ideal lining for refurbishing tanks. Interline 984 is also available in a conductive version, Interline 984C, which is compliant with DIBt regulations.
    Subsea, Abrasion Resistant and Splashzone
    Interzone 485
    An ultra-high build, high volume solids, two component catalysed epoxy, Interzone 485 is ideal for the long term protection of steelwork in severe environments where high abrasion and corrosion resistance are required. Interzone 485 provides excellent resistance to alkalis, chemicals and petroleum products, and when used in conjunction with appropriate aggregate, it provides a tough, durable non-slip deck system.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Interchar 212
    Solvent-free Interchar 212 is a high build, robust, two component modified epoxy intumescent providing damage resistant fire and corrosion protection for the most demanding construction projects. Interchar 212 has excellent mechanical and physical properties, all backed up by rigorous third party testing and approvals.
    Interfine 1080
    Interfine 1080 is a patented, high performance, low VOC single component acrylic polysiloxane finish offering outstanding color and gloss retention. Isocyanate-free, Interfine 1080 is primarily designed as a maintenance finish coat in onshore and offshore environments, such as tank externals, pipelines and structural supports where a high standard, durable, UV resistant, cosmetic appearance is required.
    Surface Tolerant
    Bar-Rust 235
    Bar-Rust 235 is a high performance, multi-purpose, surface tolerant, two-component chemically-cured epoxy semi-gloss coating.
    Interthane 870
    A two component, high build, polyurethane finish, Interthane 870 provides excellent durability and long term recoatability aiding on-site maintenance. Particularly designed for areas where a semi-gloss finish is preferred, Interthane 870 is a versatile coating with an extensive track record in both new construction and industrial maintenance delivering long term performance.
    Interplus 1180
    A low VOC, high build, high solids two component multi purpose epoxy coating.A high perfomance surface tolerant primer finish or intermediate coat with outstanding water, chemical and solvent resistance. Interplus 1180 has fast cure at room temperature and outstanding cure at low temperatures.
    Interfine 2080HS
    A fast-drying, high performance, high solids isocyanate free and tin free hybrid polysiloxane finish. Interfine 2080HS combines both acrylic and epoxy resin technology to deliver high durability with added flexibility and offers excellent gloss and colour retention when compared to conventional acrylic and polyurethane finishes.  Being isocyanate-free and tin free can help to support the sustainability and HSE objectives of the contract chain - Interfine 2080HS does not produce di-isocyanates during onsite hot-work.
    Devthane 389
    A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss finish. *Please note this product is only available in North America.
    Interline 921
    A two component, solvent free, chemically resistant epoxy phenolic caulking compound formulated to provide ease of application, and greater flexibility in scheduling of tank lining applications.
    Devlac 1437
    A premium quality low VOC alkyd gloss enamel for use on machinery, equipment, piping and tanks. Free of mercury, lead and chromate hazards. *Please note this product is only available in North America.
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