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Effective corrosion protection against some of the most aggressive chemicals, maximizing in-service time and profitability

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    Surface Tolerant
    Interbond 998PB
    A solvent free, two component, high build, surface tolerant epoxy coating capable of being applied as a single or multi-coat system over abrasive blasted, hydroblasted or mechanically prepared steel surfaces.
    Enviroline 124
    A solvent free, two component polycyclamine cured girth weld coating system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology.
    Subsea, Abrasion Resistant and Splashzone
    Interzone 101
    A two component, solvent free epoxy which can be applied underwater and will cure underwater to give a corrosion and abrasion resistant coating.
    Devcryl 1449
    A single component water borne finish formulated on weather resistant acrylic copolymer technology.
    Intergard 345
    Intergard 345 is a versatile, low VOC, high solids, zinc phosphate direct-to-metal epoxy. Suitable for use as a one or two coat new construction primer-finish coating or as an intermediate over recommended anticorrosive primers. Intergard 345 offers excellent anticorrosive performance with rapid drying time and excellent early abrasion resistance resulting in high steel throughput and increased productivity.
    Enviroline 2960
    An ultra high solids, two component lining system utilising advanced epoxy novolac technology, providing excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and adhesion properties.
    Devran 133
    A 100% solids, two-component epoxy coating for tank lining and repair of pitted steel surfaces.
    Enviroline 405HTR
    Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature performance alongside a wide ranging chemical resistance, for increased operational flexibility. Formulated with innovative polycyclamine technology, Enviroline 405HTR is a low VOC novolac epoxy lining that allows rapid return to service in just 14 hours, minimizing process disruption and reducing overall installation costs. Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature resistance to 150°C (302°F) in a variety of cargoes including crude oil and produced water.
    Intergard 235
    A high build, high solids, low VOC two component epoxy primer.
    Interzinc 52
    Containing 80% zinc, Interzinc 52 is a high performance two component zinc-rich epoxy primer with excellent application properties. Interzinc 52 complies with SSPC Paint 20 Level 2 and has been designed to provide maximum protection as part of an anticorrosive coating system for steel in aggressive environments in both maintenance and new construction situations
    Interline 1046
    A two component, chemically resistant, high solids, high build epoxy phenolic tank lining providing static dissipation properties.
    Interzinc 2280
    Part of the Interzinc 22 series, Interzinc 2280 is a two component, solvent-based silicate inorganic zinc-rich primer (80%) suitable for use with a wide range of high performance anticorrosive systems and topcoats in both maintenance and new construction. With rapid recoat and curing properties, Interzinc 2280 is capable of application in a wide range of climatic conditions and it conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 2 and ASTM D20 D520 Type II.
    Enviroline 2405
    An ultra high solids, two component polycyclamine cured lining system utilising advanced epoxy technology, designed for single-leg application.
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 282 Flakeline
    Ceilcote 282 Flakeline is a flake-filled, corrosion resistant lining system specifically designed for flue gas desulphurisation environments. Uses Ceilcote #2 Hardener.
    Intergard 251
    The fast drying and handling properties of Intergard 251 coupled with extended overcoatability make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. Intergard 251 is a two component anticorrosive zinc phosphate epoxy primer for use in both new construction and industrial maintenance for a wide range of anti-corrosive coatings systems.
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