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We offer a complete coating solution range for the most demanding offshore environments around the world.

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142 Products

Intergard 345

Product Type
Primers / Tie Coats

Intergard 345 is a versatile, low VOC, high solids, zinc phosphate direct-to-metal epoxy. Suitable for use as a one or two coat new construction primer-finish coating or as an intermediate over recommended anticorrosive primers. Intergard 345 offers excellent anticorrosive performance with rapid drying time and excellent early abrasion resistance resulting in high steel throughput and increased productivity.

Intergard 410

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

A high build, high performance, two component epoxy with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Intergard 475HS

Product Type

Intergard 475HS is a low VOC, high solids, high build epoxy used to improve barrier protection for a range of anticorrosive coating systems in a wide range of aggressive environments. Intergard 475HS can be pigmented with MIO to provide improved overcoating properties, better facilitating application in the fabrication shop.

Intergard 740

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

A two component epoxy finish coat suitable for brush, roller and spray application.

Interlac 665

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

A single component alkyd gloss enamel finish.

Interlac 789

Product Type
Modified Alkyd

A single component, rapid drying modified alkyd primer/finish, designed to provide both anti-corrosive properties and a decorative finish in a single coat.

Interline 399

Product Type
Epoxy Novolac

A high performance, highly crosslinked two component epoxy novolac tank lining, with excellent heat and solvent resistance.

Interline 850

Product Type
Potable Water Tank Coatings

A versatile thin film epoxy phenolic tank lining with an extended overcoating interval of up to 30 days, Interline 850 expands your options when scheduling maintenance. It can be used direct to metal, as both holding primer and build coat in a system, and with tanks returning to service in as little as five days, Interline 850 can further improve schedule.

Interline 925

Product Type
Potable Water Tank Coatings

The excellent pit filling properties and edge coverage of Interline 925 ensure total coverage of the tank in a single coat, improving tank turn-around times. With an extensive track record of outstanding performance globally, Interline 925 is a heavy duty solvent-free epoxy lining providing excellent corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks containing a wide range of products, such as crude oil, white oils and potable water.

Interline 982

Product Type
Primers / Tie Coats

A two component epoxy holding primer.