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    Interdur 8805
    A two component, rapid recoat, fast curing solvent based inorganic zinc rich ethyl silicate primer. Conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 3. Available in ASTM D520, Type II zinc dust version as standard.
    Temperature Resistance
    Intertherm 228HS
    A highly crosslinked, two component, high build epoxy phenolic coating, Intertherm 228HS combines properties of corrosion and chemical resistance when used in high temperature service. Based upon novolac resin technology, Intertherm 228HS can be used in a wide range of highly corrosive environments operating at temperatures up to 230°C (446°F).
    Interdur 8842
    A two component, high solids, low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide coating formulated on proprietary polymer technology which provides rapid cure and overcoating even under low temperature conditions.
    Structural Concrete- Repair and Protection
    Intercrete 4874 (formerly Cemprotec 2000-BJT)
    A high performance butyl tape which is designed to join two pieces of Intercrete 4872 waterproof composite tape together. Embedded into our Intercrete range of cementitious coatings, it forms an elastomeric joint between two lengths of tape to accommodate movement.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Chartek 8E
    Boron-free Chartek 8E provides exceptional pool fire performance with up to 30% lower installed weight compared to alternative PFP products, allowing for greater flexibility in structural design. It improves coating efficiency through reduced number of coats and no mesh requirement for up to 60 minutes pool fire duration.
    RELEST Wind Putty Contour - I373-3615
    RELEST Wind Putty Contour 3K is a Solvent-free, highly viscous polyurethane putty for smoothing surface and contour irregularities. Its easy sanding and rapid cure properties offers increased productivity for further processing and recoating. RELEST Wind Putty Contour is ideally situated for manual application.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Chartek 1960 CSP
    Chartek 1960CSP intumescent material combined hydrocarbon fire protection and insulation against cryogenic liquid exposure.
    RELEST Wind HS Topcoat - I306-xxxx
    RELEST Wind HS Topcoat is a matt waterborne 2K acrylic polyurethane topcoat for use as a finishing coat on rotor blades. It offers quick drying for fast overcoating, even at high film thicknesses without the risk of blistering. It is suited for roller and spray applciaiton. RELEST Wind HS Topcoat has excellent UV and weathering resistance properties for long term protection and performance.
    Interdur 8802
    A two component epoxy zinc phosphate/micaceous iron oxide primer, formulated on proprietary polymer technology, which provides rapid cure and overcoating even under low temperature conditions. A high solids, low VOC product. CHINA ONLY
    Enviroline 405HTR
    Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature performance alongside a wide ranging chemical resistance, for increased operational flexibility. Formulated with innovative polycyclamine technology, Enviroline 405HTR is a low VOC novolac epoxy lining that allows rapid return to service in just 14 hours, minimizing process disruption and reducing overall installation costs. Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature resistance to 150°C (302°F) in a variety of cargoes including crude oil and produced water.
    RELEST Wind LEP ETU - I374-6735
    RELEST Wind LEP Easy To Use is a two-component solvent-free polyurethane coating for the M&R market which is especially designed for protecting the leading edge of rotor blades of wind energy plants from erosion damage caused by rain, sand, hail, dirt and other particles suspended in the air. The coating consists of an exceptionally fast, hard wearing, UV- and abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomer.
    Interdur 8816
    A two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer, which complies with the composition requirements of Chinese Chemical Industrial Standard HG/T3668.
    RELEST Wind Gelcoat - I372-7235
    RELEST Wind Gelcoat ca. RAL 7035, RA is a solvent free 2k viscoplastic, polyaspartic coating with excellent abrasion resistance. Suitable as part of a coating system for UV- and weather- resistance. Film thicknesses of approximately 200μm can be achieved in one step with optimal flow properties. RELEST Wind Gelcoat ca. RAL 7035, RA is characterised by its great adhesion to epoxy laminate.
    Interthane 990V
    A low VOC, two component modified acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long-term recoatability, for use over correctly prepared primed surfaces. This product is also HAPS free and exempt solvent free.International Paint also offers Interthane 990V in a mildew resistant, bright white finish. Contact your International Paint representative for additional information.
    Surface Tolerant
    Interseal 670HS Temperate
    A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating. For use in temperate and warm environments.
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