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    Interzinc 52
    Containing 80% zinc, Interzinc 52 is a high performance two component zinc-rich epoxy primer with excellent application properties. Interzinc 52 complies with SSPC Paint 20 Level 2 and has been designed to provide maximum protection as part of an anticorrosive coating system for steel in aggressive environments in both maintenance and new construction situations
    RELEST Wind LEP ETU - I374-6735
    RELEST Wind LEP Easy To Use is a two-component solvent-free polyurethane coating for the M&R market which is especially designed for protecting the leading edge of rotor blades of wind energy plants from erosion damage caused by rain, sand, hail, dirt and other particles suspended in the air. The coating consists of an exceptionally fast, hard wearing, UV- and abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomer.
    Interzinc 2280
    Part of the Interzinc 22 series, Interzinc 2280 is a two component, solvent-based silicate inorganic zinc-rich primer (80%) suitable for use with a wide range of high performance anticorrosive systems and topcoats in both maintenance and new construction. With rapid recoat and curing properties, Interzinc 2280 is capable of application in a wide range of climatic conditions and it conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 2 and ASTM D20 D520 Type II.
    Intergard 251
    The fast drying and handling properties of Intergard 251 coupled with extended overcoatability make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. Intergard 251 is a two component anticorrosive zinc phosphate epoxy primer for use in both new construction and industrial maintenance for a wide range of anti-corrosive coatings systems.
    Interdur 8816
    A two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer, which complies with the composition requirements of Chinese Chemical Industrial Standard HG/T3668.
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 232 Flakeline
    Ceilcote 232 Flakeline is a flake filled novolac vinyl ester coating which exhibits excellent resistance to both aliphatic and aromatic organic solvents and to concentrated organic and inorganic acids.It offers outstanding chemical resistance with quick turn around for service and also high temperature resistance. Uses Ceilcote #2 Hardener.
    Interprime 539
    A single component modified polyvinyl butyral, phosphoric acid etch primer free from zinc chromate.
    RELEST Wind Gelcoat - I372-7235
    RELEST Wind Gelcoat ca. RAL 7035, RA is a solvent free 2k viscoplastic, polyaspartic coating with excellent abrasion resistance. Suitable as part of a coating system for UV- and weather- resistance. Film thicknesses of approximately 200μm can be achieved in one step with optimal flow properties. RELEST Wind Gelcoat ca. RAL 7035, RA is characterised by its great adhesion to epoxy laminate.
    Interthane 990V
    A low VOC, two component modified acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long-term recoatability, for use over correctly prepared primed surfaces. This product is also HAPS free and exempt solvent free.International Paint also offers Interthane 990V in a mildew resistant, bright white finish. Contact your International Paint representative for additional information.
    Surface Tolerant
    Interseal 670HS Temperate
    A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating. For use in temperate and warm environments.
    Surface Tolerant
    RELEST Wind Putty Porefiller - I372-5915
    RELEST Wind Putty Porefiller is a 2K polyurethane for filling medium pinholes. UV- and weather- resistant with very fast drying properties and long workable life. It is compatible with all RELEST coating systems and can be recoated without sanding.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Interchar 1120
    Interchar 1120 will maintain architectural aesthetics for fire resistance periods up to 120 minutes and it is independently tested for up to three hour fire resistance. Interchar 1120 is a single component, low VOC waterborne intumescent coating designed for onsite application to interior exposed structural steel.
    Intercure 4500
    A low VOC, high solids, rapid cure primer/finish, Intercure 4500 offers excellent anticorrosive protection and long term aesthetic durability. Based upon innovative polyaspartic resin technology, Intercure 4500 can be applied as a single coat direct-to-metal or over suitable primers for more corrosive environments using standard application equipment. Its rapid cure characteristics (even at low temperatures) help to further optimize application time and reduce labor costs.
    Interzinc 42
    Interzinc 42 is a high quality general purpose two component epoxy zinc primer designed for use in maintenance and new construction. Containing 50% zinc, Interzinc 42 is recommended as part of an anticorrosive coating system for structures in a wide range of industries
    Interfine 878
    Interfine 878 is a high performance, two component, isocyanate-free polysiloxane finish offering superior gloss and colour retention, maintaining aesthetics to highest standards. A tough and hard wearing finish, Interfine 878 exhibits good flexibility and abrasion resistance, suitable for both factory new construction and site maintenance application.
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