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Our coatings ensure that the world’s structures retain their safety, impact and design credentials for many years to come.

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    Subsea, Abrasion Resistant and Splashzone
    Interzone 2000
    A very high solids, low VOC, two component ambient cure polyester containing a high level of chemically resistant glass flake which imparts properties of excellent corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance.
    Enviroline 376F-30LT
    Low Temperature Application and Cure Tank Lining.
    Ceilcote 64 Lining
    CEILCOTE 64 Lining is a heavy-duty lining that protects steel and concrete in immersion service from strong chemicals. The lining is formulated from polyester resin, inert fillers, and fiberglass reinforcement. It can withstand solution temperatures to 160°F (71°C) in immersion service.
    Intergard 272
    Two component epoxy coating.
    Passive Fire Protection
    Interchar 1120HY
    A single component, borate and chlorine free, water borne intumescent coating designed for on-site application to interior exposed structural steel requiring protection from cellulosic fire. Interchar 1120HY is a low VOC acrylic intumescent material independently fire tested for up to 3 hour fire ratings in accordance with ASTM E119/UL263.
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 600 flakeline
    Interline 967
    A two component, solvent free glass reinforced epoxy laminate system.
    Interplate 837HS
    A two pack heat resistant ceramic zinc silicate anti-corrosive primer. Suitable for controlled cathodic protection.
    Interplus 4102 Odin Gel
    A single component, water-based rust remover / cleaner gel. Interplus 4102 Odin Gel is 100% biologically degradable, free for toxins and conforms to the yellow classification of the Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).
    Chemical Resistant Lining
    Ceilcote 660 HV Corocrete
    The CEILCOTE 660 HV Corocrete corrosion resistant coating is a solventless, moisture tolerant, room temperature cured epoxy coating. It has been designed to protect concrete and Ceilcote Corocrete flooring systems from most highly corrosive chemicals.
    Interline 955 MR System
    Interline 995 MR Flakeline is a reinforced chemical resistant system. The system features a glass flake filled novolac vinyl ester topcoat for long-term chemical and heat resistance and fibre glass mat reinforcement to increase physical properties and where necessary bridge dynamic cracks in concrete.
    In the table below you can find System Sheet and Application guidelines. For Technical Datasheets and MSDSs please click on the links to the individual component products of the system below the table.
    Cathacoat 304V
    Two component solvent based inorganic zinc rich ethyl silicate based primer.Meets SSPC Paint 20 requirements.
    Intergard 2005
    A two component high build epoxy semi gloss finish.
    Intergard 1735
    A high performance, low VOC, water borne two component epoxy with a high gloss finish.
    Concrete Repair
    Ceilcote 387 Hybricote
    Ceilcote 387 Hybricote is a revolutionary, new, high performance system designed to provide exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals such as Methylene chloride, acetone, methanol, nitric acid and n-methyl-pyrrolidone.
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