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Long term corrosion protection to the steel and concrete used in the Water and Wastewater market.

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    Interfine 1080
    Interfine 1080 is a patented, high performance, low VOC single component acrylic polysiloxane finish offering outstanding color and gloss retention. Isocyanate-free, Interfine 1080 is primarily designed as a maintenance finish coat in onshore and offshore environments, such as tank externals, pipelines and structural supports where a high standard, durable, UV resistant, cosmetic appearance is required.
    Devthane 389
    A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss finish. *Please note this product is only available in North America.
    Devran 203
    A high performance, chemically cured, rust inhibitive water borne epoxy primer for interior or exterior steel, galvanized metal or aluminium surfaces.
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