International Paint
Concrete is a strong and versatile construction material used across a range of industries, from infrastructure and mining to power generation and the treatment of water and wastewater. However, it can be vulnerable to damage and degradation, especially in harsh conditions, and may require protection, maintenance or repair solutions to achieve its full specified lifetime.

Intercrete offers engineering-quality concrete repair and protection systems, including technical mortars and high-performance protective coatings. Innovative technologies and proven formulations offer long-term protection for concrete assets, backed by extensive testing and approvals.

Our products can be found protecting assets around the world against:

  • Carbonation
  • Chloride attack
  • Low cover protection to reinforce steel
  • Positive and negative water pressure in damp/wet concrete
  • Chemical attack
  • Impact and brasion

We also provide durable protective solutions for:

  • Structural waterproofing and tanking
  • Coating of freshly poured (green) concrete
  • Approved coating systems for potable and waste water storage
  • Hygiene sensitive environments
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Heritage structures
  • New build construction

When long-term structural integrity, durability and performance are key considerations for your project, Intercrete is the perfect choice.