A winning combination

Intercrete is a new addition to the International brand, providing world-class coatings for the protection of concrete surfaces. Combining Flexcrete’s decades of proven performance with the global expertise of International and AkzoNobel, Intercrete is the complete solution for durability, maintenance and repair.


Intercrete provides concrete and other surfaces with the durability to withstand the elements, preserving assets and protecting the structures that people rely on every day. As a water-based system, Intercrete is also solvent-free, helping to safeguard the environment.


Intercrete has a long track record of proven performance, with seamless application properties that make it ideal for maintenance and repair. Dozens of businesses trust their reputations to Intercrete’s world-class coatings.


Intercrete combines Flexcrete’s decades of technical expertise with the global research capabilities of International, Intercrete products are cutting-edge. Intercrete is always investing in innovation, and will soon be creating a new center of excellence based in the UK.


Intercrete is dedicated to working with distributors, application and asset owners to achieve the full protective coatings solution. Intercrete partners receive outstanding information guidance, application training and technical support.


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